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Homeschooling takes on a whole new meaning when home is a sailing ship and you have the world's coolest parents. Not that it matters after your mom goes missing in Cyprus, and, a few months later, your dad (a renowned treasure hunter and oceanographer) disappears from your ship's deck during a fierce storm in the Caribbean. Along with their older brother and sister, twins Bick and Beck vow to carry on the family treasure-hunting business despite the dangers posed by a vicious rival and his minions, including modern-day pirates in sometimes ludicrous disguises. When not dealing with threats or searching for treasure, the kids wonder which seemingly helpful adults they can trust. Bick narrates the story, while Beck illustrates it. From kidnapping to underwater speargun fights, action is the name of the game here, bolstered by bits of comedy. Although the premise and plot are wholly unconvincing, the fast-paced, first-person narrative is entertaining. With 10 treasures (not to mention two parents) waiting to be discovered, it looks like a new series is on the horizon. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: It's a new series co-authored by the #1 New York Times best-selling Patterson. Get ready for demand-ho! Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

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The disappearance of their parents inspires four children to take over the family business: treasure hunting. Raised on board a ship and schooled in sailing, navigation, scuba and karate, Tommy, Storm, Bick and Beck are no strangers to adventure. When their father, professor Tom Kidd, is washed overboard in a storm, it is up to the four young fortune hunters to follow the clues and try to rescue their missing mother. But it is hard to know whom to trust when your allies are shady black-market dealers and spies and your enemies are ruthless pirates and dangerous surfer dudes. Luckily, the Kidd kids' assets include Storm's photographic memory, Tommy's calm disposition, Beck's hard-nosed negotiation skills and narrator Bick's optimism. But even the most sea-hearty adventurers might flounder when facing the Pirate King. Wacky hijinks, a can't-miss setting and quirky characters keep this breezy story afloat. A fast-moving plot, copious illustrations and short chapters will encourage even reluctant readers to test the waters. This new series promises it all: ruthless pirates, CIA spies, terrorists, stolen works of art and priceless treasure. More important, it delivers. A high-seas adventure that will entice even the most confirmed of landlubbers. (Adventure. 8-12) Copyright Kirkus 2013 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

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Patterson and Grabenstein (I Funny) launch another middle-grade series with a tongue-in-cheek tale about four siblings who follow in their treasure-hunting father's footsteps after he goes missing at sea. Told from the viewpoint of 12-year-old Bick and augmented by drawings by his twin sister, Beck, the story follows the Kidd children, which also include super-smart Storm and girl-crazy Tommy, as they set out to fulfill their father's final mission: to hunt down a missing artifact and find the treasure that might help them rescue their kidnapped mother. They also contend with pirates, killer surfers, unsavory middlemen, and a rival treasure hunter, adventures that Neufeld masterfully captures with humor and energy in b&w illustrations that have something of a Robert Neubecker vibe. Though generally lighthearted, a frenetic sense of excitement and adventure permeates this nautical escapade, which features over-the-top situations and characters, and plenty of intrigue. There's little time to breathe as the Kidds pinball from one spot of trouble to the next, making for a fun and fast-paced ride. Ages 8–12. Agent: Robert Barnett, Williams & Connolly. Illustrator's agent: Shannon Associates. (Sept.)

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