In the midst of a meteor shower in Iowa, a maniac escapes from prison and returns to the farm where his son, Ry, must summon three childhood toys--Mr. Furrington, Jesus Christ, and Scowler--to protect himself and his family. - (Baker & Taylor)

<p>Equal parts haunting and horrifying, this&#160;literary horror novel gives readers insight into the mind of a controlling homicidal man and the son who must stop him.&#160;<br><br>"Marvin Burke is one of the great monsters of literature, a figure of immense, credible terror and savagery."--Cory Doctorow, author of <i>Little Children</i> and coeditor of <i>Boing Boing<br><br>Imagine your father is a monster. Would that mean there are monsters inside you, too?<br></i>Nineteen-year-old Ry Burke, his mother, and little sister eke out a living on their dying family farm. Ry wishes for anything to distract him from the grim memories of his father&rsquo;s physical and emotional abuse. Then a meteorite falls from the sky, bringing with it not only a fragment from another world but also the arrival of a ruthless man intent on destroying the entire family. Soon Ry is forced to defend himself by resurrecting a trio of imaginary childhood protectors: kindly Mr. Furrington, wise Jesus, and the bloodthirsty Scowler.</p><br><br><br><i>From the Hardcover edition.</i> - (Random House, Inc.)